From a taxi-ride to an advanced pilot formation, from a BMW clubsport to BGDC season, a 24H Series season or ... We offer the course that makes this possible, at your own rythm and according to your budget.

Familiarize yourself with motorsports, learn more about braking points, the ideal line, curbs , visualization techniques, how to correct mistakes, managing the trafic on the track, manage stress...and then notice you become faster every lap, what a satisfaction !

You need to sharpen your limits ? With the help of an onboard camera , and together with a professional, we analyse your way of driving. These information will help you to improve step by step and develop your abilities in a friendly, no-pressure environment.

We Dispose of a large car-park, aswell for a beginner as for experienced drivers.

During your business-event we take care of your clients a professional way. A little spark of motorsport will make they never forget the day you offered them. We can also take care of the catering, the multi-media part, hospitality,... simply, during the all day we are the proud ambassadors of your company! 

Stefaan and his team welcomes you .

QSR Racing